Artist's Statement

My work is inspired by romanticized ideas of my childhood—cooking and gardening with my dad and painting and writing stories with my mom.  I want to distill the sweetness and playfulness of these memories into visual imagery and incorporate them back into my life as vessels for every day use.  Every day reminders of the joys of childhood. 

In spending time with this thought, I realize that my childhood was not free of tumult and small trauma.  I consider the points on my map of nostalgia where these moments of high-intensity-feeling begin to blend together, and the distance makes the peaks and valleys seem equally sweet.  These senses and memories create a body of visual language that I am continuing to explore.

The work is in part an exploration of color and the possible depths of white space, and is made with aesthetic references to my other areas of interest, embroidery and printmaking.  I use a porcelaineous stoneware and fire in a neutral atmosphere to cone 10.  I appreciate the off-white quality of the clay as it allows for an experimentation of color values with a neutral ground.